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Meet  Que 


For as long as Que Weaks can remember, she has had a passion for all things hair. "I just love doing hair, I have been doing hair since I was 9 years old. I just love being able to see the reactions my clients get once they look in the mirror" says Weaks. Currently, Weaks is a Charlotte Region based stylist who's established a loyal following. 


Ms. Weaks does many styles for all hair types but is known for her unique braiding techniques. Ms. Weaks takes pride and joy in her talent. 

She holds a B.A in Business Administration and a Natural Hair Care License. 

Ms. Weaks prides herself on her ability to create the exact look each of her clients want all while maintaining healthy hair growth.

"It's not just hair its a LIFESTYLE" is the motto she believes in.

She started this business because she loves the beauty and hair industry. Once a hobby for her, became a passion to help everyone with their hair care needs. 


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